The Power of Words as Manifesting Commands

Words are a materializing power that is one degree closer to materializing in type than is the power of idea. A next degree that is even closer to create is the manifesting power of act or action. A ‘closer degree’ does not indicate it has more power, however instead, it is another action of the procedure of making manifest our intents. Objective is revealed initially in emotion, then in thought, followed by word, as well as finally in act, which is the step that completes or ‘obtains’ the manifestation.

Our feelings arise on our intents(1) in a way similar to dreaming. Our ideas, when not purposely guided emerge from an internal necessity bound to our individual past as well as the past of the cumulative mind. Word as well as action are the finishing actions that bring to manifestation our evolution or ‘devolution’ inning accordance with our intent (love or fear) and degree of conscious awareness. When we are not progressing, we are devolving; there is no grinding halt in life. While word and also act are the most ‘mindful’, when we are not consciously picking our experience, all steps are accomplished at numerous degrees of unconsciousness. You could visualize a cycle– from purpose to emotion, through to believed, then to word and also action– that could spiral downward into degeneration or up into development inning accordance with whether we are mindful or unconscious at each action of the method.

At every action along the transformative spiral of conscious understanding (an action being either objective, emotion, believed, word or deed), we are required to exert power of intention that is knowingly willed. And so at every action, there is a component of choice that could either lend higher power to the procedure (with aware purpose), or weaken or terminate existing energy (when we come under unconsciousness). At each action, we either create the acceleration or deceleration of our manifestations. It’s not enough to set intention knowingly; you need to follow through and keep an eye on feeling, believed, word and deed as well as bring clear purpose at each degree. When effective intent is behind every degree of manifestation, everything you do moves you towards the objective, as well as the manifestation procedure is significantly accelerated. Our power of manifestation comes from all these elements, and at each action of the means we have a chance to correct or restore the energy we have produced. All these steps sustain the moment lag of physical manifestation, and so long as we are semi-conscious creators, this drawn out process is a true blessing.

In the higher spiral, love is the active ingredient that guarantees growth as well as positioning to a Greater Will– imbued with love, thoughts become wisdom, feelings merge with the Creative Principle, as well as words and actions end up being effective materializing commands. In this descending spiral, emotions serve the addictions of the emotional body and also to a level the ego mind, ideas promote restriction and also are ego offering, and words and also actions, though doing not have in power, are usually devastating and also supportive of pressure rather than power in creation (e.g. by means of adjustment, supremacy, etc).

Words are manifesting commands to the subconscious mind, which reacts by finding just what is a vibrational suit to those words. The subconscious mind has much better power than the conscious mind, it does not have control; it is the mindful mind that needs to initiate change. The job pressure has higher power but depends on the wise instructions from the Chief Executive Officer.

Words are a showing up power that is one degree closer to showing up in kind compared to is the power of thought. A ‘closer degree’ does not indicate it has more power, but rather, it is an additional action of the procedure of making manifest our purposes. At every step along the evolutionary spiral of mindful understanding (an action being either objective, emotion, believed, word or act), we are needed to apply power of intention that is knowingly willed. As well as so at every action, there is an element of option that could either lend greater power to the procedure (with conscious intent), or weaken or cancel existing energy (when we drop into unfamiliarity). In this downward spiral, emotions offer the dependencies of the psychological body and to a degree the vanity mind, ideas promote constraint and also are ego offering, as well as words and also acts, though lacking in power, are frequently harmful as well as supportive of force instead compared to power in development (e.g. using adjustment, supremacy, etc).  Go to 15 minute manifestation eddie sergey free download for more information.

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